Bench Vise with Track mm.125 0-83-179 Stanley


Stanley bench vice with track with long-lasting metal structure Quick vice repositioning. Nylon jaws with removable rubber coating, can be opened and closed quickly. Single lever operation. Thread for coupling to the work surface for a secure grip and easy repositioning.

31,59 € VAT included
25,89 € Without VAT

Bench Vice with Squadra Guide Art.834V Bahco


Available in 3 models. Square guide bench vice for heavy use Perfect operation thanks to the laminated stem thread Extra working area with oversized anvil

138,87 € VAT included
113,83 € Without VAT

Bitten by Banco Swivel mm.125 1,451,558 Valex


Bitten by the rotary table in painted steel. Opening 125 mm jaws length: 125 mm Depth: 70 mm Net Weight: 7.1 Kg

37,58 € VAT included
30,80 € Without VAT

Bitten by Banco Swivel mm.100 1,451,557 Valex


Bitten by the rotary table in painted steel. Opening 115 mm jaws length: 100 mm Depth: 55 mm Net Weight: 4.7 Kg

28,33 € VAT included
23,22 € Without VAT

Winepress to "F" for Joiners 083,838 Maurer


Winepress to "F" carpenter with slider and rod pressed steel. Dimensions: 35x7x600 mm

18,79 € VAT included
15,40 € Without VAT

Steel Fixed grip 100mm 1451546 Valex


Bitten by the body in with forged steel bench and welded, hardened steel jaws. Opening: 10mm. Jaw width: 100mm. Depth: 60mm. Weight: 4kg. Cod. 1451546

24,45 € VAT included
20,04 € Without VAT

Steel Fixed grip 125mm Valex 1451547


Steel vice with body forged and welded, hardened steel jaws opening: 125mm Jaw width: 125mm Depth: 65mm Weight: 5.5kg Ref. 1451547

36,53 € VAT included
29,94 € Without VAT

Clamp drills Column 125mm 1451584 Valex


Clamp drill presses. Opening: 100mm Jaws: 125mm Wheelbase fixing slots: 100mm. Weight: 4.3kg Ref. 1451584

29,51 € VAT included
24,19 € Without VAT

Vice to drill MT / 5 FZA


Available in 2 models. Professional drill press vise, special cast iron, produced by FZA morsificio Italian. Cod. MT / 5

85,85 € VAT included
70,37 € Without VAT

Fiber jaws 833FJ Bahco


Bahco jaws fiber, vice, available in 2 sizes. Suitable for delicate work. They include magnet to fix the claw to the steel clamps. Cod. 833FJ

19,64 € VAT included
16,10 € Without VAT