Water Filter Eliminates Impurities for Kitchen Pipes 8500.8331-5 "GF

PA cartridge with PES net, eliminates suspended solid particles To filter fluids from suspended solid particles such as sand, rust, metals etc ... with dimensions greater than 60 microns

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3,03 € Without VAT

Submersible Pump Clear Water 400W PRPVC401SP Ribimex


Draining pump to suck up clear water and rain (runoff or infiltration) for which there is no possibility of dipping it In the continuous use position, it allows the total removal of the water in the surface to be dried. Maximum capacity: 7000 liters / h Dive depth: 7 meters Head: 7 meters Aspect up to 1 mm from the ground Width: 16 cm. Height: 27 cm. Depth: 24 cm. Weight: 5 kg

68,52 € VAT included
56,16 € Without VAT

Submersible Clean Water Pump 250W PRPVC249 Ribimex


Automatic submersible pump with max. of particles in suspension of 3 mm. Power 250 W: Max. 4 600 l / h. Aspire up to 5 mm from the ground. Immersion depth max. 5 m. Head: 7 m. Thread 1 ''. Tube Ø 25.

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40,18 € Without VAT

Opening and closing key for Papillon filter


Key for opening and closing for cartridge filter 10 "Papillon

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Washable Nylon Net Cartridge 9 "3/4

Filter material: nylon mesh Max operating pressure: 6 bar Micron: 80 Height: 9 "3/4

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7,00 € Without VAT

Cartridge filter Wrapped Wire

Available in 2 sizes. with mechanical action cartridge, for removal of unwanted sediments within the water. Presents a higher level of filtering of 15-20% compared to the average of the cartridges on the market. This result is due to the thread used which is continuous, not broken, this guarantees a uniform texture, with weft of the same size holes. Resists temperature up to 90 ° C. wire material and the central core: 100% Polypropylene food.

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3,70 € Without VAT

Filtro Acqua Anti-UV 3/4" Ribimex Art.PRFIL9SV3UV


UV filter to be mounted on water supply. 3 pieces filter head with ABS and SAN casing. fitting connections 3/4 '' (20 x 27). Height 9 '' 3/4.

14,87 € VAT included
12,19 € Without VAT

Water Filter 3/4 "Ribimex Art.PRFIL9SV2


Filter to be mounted on water supply. Filter 2 pieces with the head and casing in ABS SAN. fitting connections 3/4 '' (20 x 27). Height 9 '' 3/4.

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8,08 € Without VAT

Cartridge Carbon Active CCA Ribimex


Anti-mud filter cartridge washable active carbon
filtration plastics (50 microns).

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7,76 € Without VAT

CSP polyphosphates cartridge Anticalcare Ribimex


anti-scale filter cartridge polyphosphate salts to protect appliances

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10,25 € Without VAT