Protective Bodywork Polishing Wax 250ml METAL WAX Arexons


Format: 250 ml Metal protective wax is the ideal paste for polishing and protecting the paint especially for metallic paints., Leaving a protective veil on the bodywork which ensures an effective defense against the action of atmospheric agents and UV rays. The "metal" formulation does not contain abrasive agents and is particularly delicate on the transparent top layer of the metallic paint. It resists repeated washing.

9,56 € VAT included
7,84 € Without VAT

Mirage Renew lights dulled 150 ml Arexons 8249


Format: 150 ml

Mirage® Renew Lanterns is a product specially designed to restore the transparency of headlights in the early stages of opacification.
Also suitable for polishing the windshield of scooter, motorcycle windshields, windows of motor homes or boats plastic.
Easy to use without tools.

5,98 € VAT included
4,90 € Without VAT

MIRAGE Wax Protective Coatings for Metallized 250 ml Arexons 8271


Format: 250 ml Mirage® Wax Protective pasta is ideal for polishing and protecting the paint, leaving a protective film on the body that ensures effective protection from the elements and UV rays. The term "metal" does not contain abrasive agents and is particularly gentle on the top layer of transparent metallic paint. Withstands repeated washing. Cod. 8271

9,56 € VAT included
7,84 € Without VAT

Mirage POLISH Renewing Body 500 ml Arexons 8283


Format: 500 ml

Mirage® Polish is the ideal product to remove haze, rows and scratches on the bodywork of cars not popular newer paint strongly aged or worn by time. The deep cleansing action of the product eliminates oxidation and restores the color and original appearance to both metallic paint is normal. Easy to use, it ensures a professional result. Cod. 8283

12,55 € VAT included
10,29 € Without VAT

Pasta Abrasiva ml.150 8253 Arexons


Size: 150 ml Abrasive Pasta eliminates signs, surface shards, rubber residues or paint caused by small bumps. The product is also suitable for refining any paint coatings on the bodywork and to polish highly oxidized paints, preferably with the wool pad and a polishing machine.

5,78 € VAT included
4,74 € Without VAT

Abrasive Paste Universal LEUCA 500 ml Arexons 0802


Format: 500 ml Abrasive paste LEUCA Universal for cars and boats. To restore the luster dulled paint, remove scratches and sanding marks and eliminate the smoke painting

11,70 € VAT included
9,59 € Without VAT