Backpack Pump Battery Sprayer 12 Liters V.Black Elektron Volpi


Elektron is the new electronic shoulder pump of the V.Black line designed by Volpi Originale with advanced technical and mechanical technologies to facilitate weeding and spraying. With a 12-liter tank capacity and equipped with a lithium battery, Elektron stands out as an easy-to-use and long-lasting electric pump to allow you to work in peace and with precision: in fact, with 2 bar spraying, the duration battery charge reaches up to 9 hours, while with weeding at 0.5 bar the duration can reach up to 15 hours.

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76,76 € Without VAT

Knapsack Sprayer for Weeding UNI 12L Pumping element Brass Mod.81 12 Liters Volpi 81UG


Capacity: 12 Liters The Uni shoulder pump is the Volpi Originale pump with a polyethylene tank with a capacity of 12 liters (mod. 81) or 15 liters (mod. 78). It is an ambilateral backpack pump able to adapt to any operator, both right and left handed, ideal for professional use in gardening and agriculture. The UNI knapsack pump is equipped with: • brass pumping element • upper handle for easy transport • 1.2 m flexible hose • 70 cm long lance in aluminum with adjustable brass nozzle • adjustable PVC straps, so to be able to adapt to any body size • 6 bar pressure exerted guarantees long working autonomy

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43,09 € Without VAT

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Garden Pressure Sprayer Pump 2 Liters DEA 2000 Foxes


Capacity: 2 Liters -> ASSORTED COLORS <- The DEA 2000 is the pressure pump that lends itself easily to gardening and plant care. Thanks to its special brass nozzle, adjustable and adjustable in various positions, it allows you to spray specific products for plant care with perfect atomization and without dripping.

8,10 €   8,19 € VAT included
6,64 €   6,71 € Without VAT

Manual Pump 6 Liters V.Black Kompress Volpi


Kompress is an extremely practical and functional 6-liter manual pre-compression pump. By acting on the handle with a few pump strokes, the tank is put under pressure, offering several minutes of work autonomy. The vent valve located on the tank ensures the operator from pressure overloads, for work in total safety. Due to its characteristics, this manual pump can be used effectively in the garden as well as in various domestic uses. A practical handle allows the pump to be transported without tiring the operator and the comfortable strap allows it to be kept on the shoulder in an optimal and ergonomic way.

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18,19 € Without VAT

Electric Battery Pump 5L V.Black Smart Volpi


Smart is a battery electric pump, equipped with a 5 liter tank, light and perfect for use in parks, vegetable gardens and gardens thanks to the choice of Originale Volpi to use new molding technologies for the pump body. Equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery with USB socket, it guarantees excellent working autonomy and modest charging times, for continuous activity. In addition, the on / off button is located directly on the pump handle, to allow quick work management.

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44,35 € Without VAT

Di Martino HIGH 1000 HERMETIC Nebulizer Pump 1lt

Di Martino

Capacity: 1 Liter Sprayer suitable for vaporizing chemicals used to clean, impregnate and lubricate.

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2,49 € Without VAT

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Pump Pressure HIGH 2000 Di Martino

Di Martino

Capacity: 2 Litres Pump pressure professional with FPM seals resistant to aggressive liquids. Ideal for cleaning, disinfection, painting, spraying and industrial.

11,15 €   11,26 € VAT included
9,14 €   9,23 € Without VAT

Pressure Storage Nebulizer Pump Aggressive Products VITO 12lt PRP120DC Ribimex


Capacity: 12 Liters Pressure accumulation nebulizer for aggressive products. 1.20 m hose Capacity ± 13.55 L real - 12.85 L useful.

30,65 € VAT included
25,12 € Without VAT


Pressure Storage Nebulizer Pump Aggressive Products VITO 7lt PRP070PC Ribimex


Capacity: 7 Liters Pressure accumulation nebulizer for aggressive products. 1.20 m hose Capacity ± 6.85 L real - 6.40 L useful.

20,75 € VAT included
17,01 € Without VAT

Pressure Storage Nebulizer Pump Aggressive Products VITO 2lt PRP020PC Ribimex


Capacity: 2 Liters Pressure accumulation nebulizer for aggressive products. Blown polyethylene body. Injected polypropylene head, handle and nozzle. Capacity ± 2 L real - 1,9 L useful.

6,58 € VAT included
5,39 € Without VAT