Table Kit +2 Maurer Wood Standers Art.99720 150X75X75


Table kit with 2 MAURER folding stand in pine wood Table size: 150x75xx75cm Size stands: 75x75x4x1,8cm

46,12 € VAT included
37,80 € Without VAT

FatMax Express Folding Work Desk FMST1-75672 Stanley


Sturdy structure with great stability. Special fast opening / closing system, compact storage and easy transport. Metal legs, load capacity 450 kg. The special configuration of the bench surface allows for use with bar clamps. Compatible with FatMax bar clamps. Handle for opening / hanging tools. Load capacity (kg) 450

112,89 € VAT included
92,53 € Without VAT

Workbench Professional PRPMRET Ribimex


Pew professional work with durable wood. Structure in painted metal. 2 drawers. Dimensions (WxDxH): 120 x 60 x 85 cm

125,01 € VAT included
102,47 € Without VAT

Shopping Work Project Master Stanley 1-93-972


2 functions in 1: Carriage and Workbench. Structure and metal legs, large work surface, no risk of accidental closing. Load capacity 300 kg (on the work surface), 100 kg (on the truck). Cable holder and electrical tool, wheels intensive, telescopic handles With terminals to work with different materials, dimensions cm. 58x85x86,5cm Cod. 1-93-972

88,82 € VAT included
72,80 € Without VAT

Folding Workbench with 2 terminals Zag Stanley 011020-041

Stanley - Zag

Banco folding and compact work, with non-slip feet, with bottom shelf. Maximum load: 250kg Large support base: 70x50cm Dimensions: 70x82,2x10,2cm 2 Terminals fiberglass (extendable up to 39cm) to hook the materials. drill door housing. Riga Graduated (inches and centimeters) and compartment parts based on work Cod. 011020-041

30,13 € VAT included
24,70 € Without VAT

Cabinet with 1 drawer Banco IDEAONE 06035 Mial


Cabinet with 1 drawer for workbenches steel
Measurements: 500x607x210 mm
Cod. Ideaone 06035

69,17 € VAT included
56,70 € Without VAT

Banco da Lavoro MASTERCARGO C57S C Beta


Code: C57S C

Available Colors: Orange, Red and Grey

bench with two drawers with five drawers.
Static load capacity: 1800 kg.

3.562,40 € VAT included
2.920,00 € Without VAT

Banco da Lavoro ENDURANCE C59B Beta


Code: C59B

Available Colors: Orange, Red and Grey

bench with two drawers with six drawers.
Static load capacity: 1500 kg.

2.025,20 € VAT included
1.660,00 € Without VAT

Banco da Lavoro ENDURANCE C59A Beta


Code: C59A
Available Colors: Orange, Red and Grey

Bench with a six drawer dresser.
Static load capacity: 1500 kg.

1.500,60 € VAT included
1.230,00 € Without VAT