12 Series Twist Wrenches mm.6-32 081777 Maurer


Double Professional Professional Series Sets, sizes from 6 to 32 mm.

16,04 € VAT included
13,15 € Without VAT

5 Series Combine Polygonal Court Extra with joint FWS-814 Fermec


Set ratcheting combination wrenches Fermec FWS-814 polygonal extra-short with joint. Keys of the highest professional quality chrome steel - vanadium steel with shiny finish and ball joints. High robustness, reliability, precision and long life even with the use in heavy conditions. Measurements: 8-10-12-13-14 mm

35,69 € VAT included
29,25 € Without VAT

5 Series Combine Ratcheting Colored Fermec CWC-419 Color


September 5 combination wrenches colored ratchet with plastic holder. Key measures: 8-10-13-17-19 mm

31,72 € VAT included
26,00 € Without VAT

Series 12 Keys Fixed Art.1046 Kippen


Series 12 spanners in carbon steel. Sizes: 6-32 mm

Wrenches Double Fork Series 12 Pieces 1460806 Valex


Series 12 key dual-fork, steel body, satin finish. Measurements: 6x7-8x9-10x11-12x13-14x15-16x17-18x19-20x22-21x23-24x27-25x28-30x32mm 15 ° inclined Forks. Cod. 1460806

11,38 € VAT included
9,33 € Without VAT

Fork Wrench Double Bahco SBS10


Available in 11 measures. Wrench double Bacho, millimeters. According to DIN 3110 / ISO 1085 / ISO 10102 Finish: Matt Material: Stainless steel high performance Cod. SBS10

2,06 € VAT included
1,69 € Without VAT

Fork Wrench Double Bahco 6M


Available in 4 sizes.

Material: Stainless steel high performance. Stem U patented for comfort. Fork with 15 ° angle with thin head for increased accessibility. Marking one-way and increased the size of the key for easy identification. Chrome, satin to high surface quality.

2,70 € VAT included
2,21 € Without VAT

Key Open Loop Bahco 1949M


Available in 5 sizes.

Material: Stainless steel high performance.
Ends polygonal inclined by 15 °.
Particularly suitable for clamping pipes autoriparazione and hydraulics.
Head deep to protect the lives and apply a stronger twist.
Chrome, satin to high surface quality.
Cod. 1949M

13,73 € VAT included
11,25 € Without VAT

Series 8 Keys Flat PRCLEPLAX8 Ribimex


Wrenches forged chrome vanadium steel, satin finish.
These keys combine lightness and solidity.
Supplied with plastic carrying case for storage.
Set of flat keys: Ø 6x7, 8x9, 10x11, 12x13, 14x15, 16x17, 18x19, 20x22 mm.

13,02 € VAT included
10,67 € Without VAT